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Land Mark Products manufactures the foods your customers love!

For 40 years Land Mark Products has been operating, manufacturing & distributing pizza and sandwich solutions for the retail and foodservice industries. Currently the #1 largest provider of pizza products to the convenience store industry, Land Mark Products has expanded its solutions into Grocery, College & University and Military among many others. Having created and grown their own house brands (Piccadilly Circus Pizza and Day’N Night Bites), as well as private label foods for many others, Land Mark Products fully understands the passion necessary to build your brand.



    The first full service Piccadilly Circus Pizza restaurant was opened in Arthur, IA, serving a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu including chicken, sandwiches, pasta and it's very own pizza recipe.


    After opening and running over 20 full service pizza restaurants, they created an express pizza concept. Land Mark Products began teaching c-stores how to sell fresh pizza into their small communities. This included the development of replicating their fresh made, on-site dough into a sheeted crust. This innovation made it easier and less labor intense for operators to have a fresh dough pizza.


    The doors opened to the manufacturing facility. The plant solely crafted sheeted pizza crusts using their proprietary dough recipe.


    The expansion into crafting pre-topped pizzas, custom sandwiches, burrito & calzones recipes.


    Land Mark Products manufactures custom pizza crust, dough recipes for retail and foodservice brands in many different industries.