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Branding made easier.

Land Mark Products manages two successful food brands—Day’n Night Bites and Piccadilly Circus Pizza. Both brands serve the Convenience Store and Foodservice industries by providing outstanding quality and the necessary ease-of-preparation that these particular industries require. By running their own Brands, Land Mark Products is better able to serve those who want to create and manage their own private label brands.


    In many ways, Piccadilly Circus Pizza pioneered "the pizza business" within the Convenience Store space back in 1977.

    Today, PCPizza is one of the leading providers of FRESH pizza offered in the C-store industry.


    Just because someone is hungry NOW doesn't mean they should compromise on quality.  Day'n Night Bites provides grab'n go sandwiches and pizzas for all tastes and opportunities. Have a look at the video to see just ONE of their (over) 40 delicious offerings!


    If you've been enjoying some of the great-tasting, high-quality sandwiches and pizzas available at C-stores and food-service outlets, chances are good you've been enjoying a Land Mark Products creation!

    Land Mark Products is a one-stop solution for YOUR brand!